If asked to describe the body in one word, I'd shout out, MIRACULOUS!

This is my preschool picture by one of the three tall trees that lined our house in California.  It’s one of my favorite pictures  because it unabashedly portrays the exuberance, playful mischievousness, and wonderment that is my nature. 

This little girl had something special coveted in her hands.  At times, I’ve imagined what it could be — a prickly caterpillar, a muddy earthworm, or perhaps a slimy snail.  Picking up any of those critters today would make me squirm, but back then I loved touching everything!  

Touch was my preferred tool of exploration, and the more of my body I could move and get in the game, the more alive I felt.  My parents would often peer in on me wiggling my toes to release the lint or shaking my tailbone tap dancing in a purple tutu.  I was a swimmer, gymnast, dancer, soccer player, and artist.  Living fully in my body created a sensational childhood!

Things changed when I hit my teens and life seemed to get more complicated.  I abandoned my full figure and crawled into my head where I tried my best to re-establish some sense of control.  Uncomfortable feelings and desires were smothered with food, striving for perfection, and a preoccupation with busyness.  

My body suffered, but it never gave up on me.  Slowly, I zipped back into my bodysuit and became re-acquainted with its magic by way of a Candy Land course of opportunities professionally and personally.  I rediscovered the wonderment of my body (and all living things really) when I became the crazy-hippie Biology Teacher.  I rekindled my joy for moving in my body, with all its folds, jiggly parts, strength, and grace,  through a daily yoga practice and eventually started teaching yoga too.  A vital nutrient that helped revitalize my body and spirit was touch — I’m sure of it!


My pattern has been to immerse myself in what sparks my curiosity and leaves me desiring to know and feel more.  My passion has moved me all over the country to study creativity, social work, sexuality, and meditation.  Last year, my next right step was to formally dive into studying clinical bodywork and therapeutic massage.  To say I’m thrilled to share everything the I’ve gathered from books and life experience only skims the ripples on the surface — and I’m all about depth.

Yes, I’m here to help you stand tall and proud, to feel ease in your body, and freedom as you move — and I'm also here for so, so much more.  Deep within you, underneath all the fuzzy fascia and meaty muscle, is a fiery spirit that wants to roam free.  Let’s open your body so your wildness can touch the world.

My Winding Path

Upledger Institute, CranioSacral Level 1, Atlanta 2017

NC School For Advanced Bodywork, Charlotte 2015

OneTaste Coaching Program NYC/CO 2013-15  

Wild Heart Expressive Arts Facilitator Training,  Oakland 2010-2011

 200Hr Yoga Teacher Certification, Charlotte 2011

Teach For America - High School Biology, Charlotte 2008-2011

Masters work in Clinical Social Work, Smith College 2007-2008

Associates - Interior Design, SF Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising 2004

Bachelor of Science - Journalism, University of Colorado - Boulder 2003

And...a whole lot of painting, pottery and writing along the way.